I am extremely proud to be Executive Headteacher of Wigston Academies Trust. 

We are formed of Wigston Academy, which concentrates on Key Stages 3 and 4; Wigston College, which delivers Key Stage 5.

We are based at the heart of the vibrant, hardworking and confident community that is the Leicestershire town of Wigston. The whole point of our existence is to make sure that our children are safe, successful and happy. Our motto is ‘Learn, Aspire and Achieve’ and we believe that bringing this about for every young person in our care will lead to them having happier and more successful adult lives. 

We are very proud of our young people and we love having them here. Sometimes we might not get this right and that is why we place such a premium on the feedback we receive from our children; our parents and our community. Each young person in our Trust is part of a tutor group and the tutor is at the heart of everything we do so, whenever you need to talk about your child, whether it is to voice concerns or share good news, please contact this person.

We believe that not only will we provide the very highest standards of academic experience and learning but that we also have an exciting and enriching extra curriculum, which greatly contributes towards academic success but much more vitally helps form and develop admirable and decent citizens of the future through the sporting, creative and expressive experiences we provide.

As a growing Trust we welcome other schools to join with us so that we can safeguard education in Wigston from 0 to 19 and beyond for generations to come. If you are a parent who is considering sending your child to a trust school, then please come and visit us. We have nothing to hide and lots we’d love to show you.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Mitchley 

Executive Headteacher